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Miss Canada

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Miss Canada is often the title given to the Canadian female who will serve as the country’s national representative in an international beauty pageant. While Miss Canada-Universe is the most prized status of all beauty queen contestants, the positions of Miss Canada-World and Miss Canada-Earth are still considered to be very important titles in a beauty queen’s career. In fact, some could go as far as saying than any young woman who manages to become Miss Canada (for the Mist Universe, Miss World and Miss Earth Pageants), could expect to have some sort of boost in their careers – especially if the manage to get far in the international beauty competitions.

Any young woman who has ever been a Miss Canada (barring any negative incidents or scandals) can cite their experience as a beauty pageant winner in their resumes and portfolios. These will most certainly help them succeed in getting certain jobs, primarily because it proves that they are not only attractive, but they are reasonably intelligent on top of having qualities and training along the lines of diplomacy – most certainly desirable traits in a number of career paths. A woman who was once Miss Canada is understood to be very talented and intelligent on top of being engaging and attractive – sometimes, this would mean that they would be ideal in careers that involve significant humanitarian aspects such as becoming ambassadors and becoming politicians. There are a number of young ladies who became Miss Canada who also found success in the more serious aspects of media and show business.

Perhaps the best part about being Miss Canada is the fact that in being Miss Canada, a young woman tends to inspire other young women to display poise, intelligence, and beauty in everything that they do. Miss Canada isn’t the icon of the perfect wife, she’s the icon of the perfect woman: self-sufficient on top of being physically compelling.

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