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The Miss Beauty Pageant is essentially the standardized title that people give to their more localized beauty pageants, the beauty pageants that will later on determine who their national representative in the international beauty pageant will be. To allow you to understand the concept better, the Miss Beauty Pageant usually goes like this: there will be a number of attractive young women (or females falling within a specific age category) who are selected for a local beauty competition. The winner (or winners) of that particular competition will then be slated to compete in the beauty competition of a larger locality – say, a city. From there, the winners of each city will need to compete in an even larger locality – in the case of Canada, this would be the Canadian provinces. The representatives of the provinces will then of course compete with each other to determine which one of them will be worthy to become Miss Canada-Universe, Miss Canada-World, Miss Canada-Earth, Miss Canada-International, and the like. Evidently, the Miss Beauty Pageant is a series of progressions that would hopefully help the individual contestants to reach their respective beauty pageant goals.

The name Miss Beauty Pageant is evidently an incomplete name. The Miss Beauty Pageant could be the Miss Montreal Beauty Pageant, or the Miss Ontario Beauty Pageant, or even the Miss Yukon Beauty Pageant. While there are many people out there who are of the opinion that the Miss Beauty Pageant is small beans compared to the national pageants, it can be argued that experience in joining these so-called “small beans” pageants could actually improve one’s chances of being Miss Canada. Therefore, the Miss Beauty Pageant is most certainly something that you should not sneeze at. Most of the time, they spell the difference between success and failure for you who aspire to be the next international beauty queen.

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